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Help Center

How long after ordering will I receive my part?

Will my bumper be shipped folded?

Do you sell CAPA parts?

What is the difference between CAPA vs. Non-CAPA?

My paint code is not on your website, does that mean it is not available?

Do the parts have clear coat applied to them?

What are Partify's guarantees or warranties?

Do the auto parts come with assembly pieces such as bolts and screws?

Does Partify provide installation?

How can I ensure I order the correct part?

Will you notify me when my order ships out?

Can I pick my part up from Partify instead of having it shipped?

Does Partify sell unpainted parts or painted parts?

I just received my part, why is there white powder on it?

How can I find out where my vehicle was built?

What's your cancellation policy?

Are your delivery dates guaranteed?