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In the aftermarket industry, there are different levels of testing and certifications. Today we will be reviewing the differences between CAPA and non-CAPA parts.

What is a CAPA Part?

CAPA stands for “Certified Automotive Parts Association”. CAPA parts go through a very intensive certification process to ensure they will “fit, perform, last and be every bit as safe as the originals”. 

The certification process is as follows. First, the manufacturer’s factory must be approved that it meets CAPA’s quality standards. Once the factory is approved, samples of each part are tested to ensure the material properties, finish, fit, paint adhesion, coating performance, weld integrity, adhesive performance, and corrosion all meet CAPA’s quality standards. The CAPA Vehicle Test Fit (VTF) is one of the tests that the sample parts must pass. This test ensures that the part fits properly on the vehicle it is intended to fit on.

If the sample parts pass this test, the manufacturer can apply for the CAPA Quality Seal. The CAPA quality seal (yellow sticker) is the only way to ensure and prove that the part is CAPA certified. It’s important to note that any facility that has been CAPA approved is subject to random inspections to ensure they are maintaining CAPA standards and quality.

What is a Non-CAPA Part?

Non-CAPA parts do not go through the CAPA certification. This does not necessarily mean non-CAPA parts are lower quality. Non-CAPA parts may undergo alternative testing, it just depends on the manufacturer.

Why Choose CAPA?

If you are looking for a part that is the perfect fit, quality, materials, finish, and so on, I would recommend you choose CAPA. Purchasing a CAPA part is the only way you will know for sure you are getting the highest quality replacement aftermarket part.

Why Choose Non-CAPA?

If you are looking for a cost effective aftermarket part, you might want to choose non-CAPA. Sometimes the price of a CAPA part is a lot more expensive than non-CAPA. This might sway you to purchase non-CAPA. As I mentioned before, non-CAPA parts are not necessarily lower quality than CAPA parts, however, they do not undergo the extensive certification process that CAPA parts go through.

Partify offers both CAPA and non-CAPA parts. If you have any questions regarding CAPA, non-CAPA, or anything in general, reach out to us at Partify and we can help you out.

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Kent Both - May 24, 2024

Thanks for the explanation. I know it would be a bit of a hassle, but it would be nice if companies that sell non-CAPA certified parts give sorta a brief comparison of between a non CAPA vs non-CAPA part. IE: Testing comparisons, manufacturing company name, warranty, etc. I don’t know, just a thought.
Have a great Memorial Day weekend!
Best regards,
Kent Both. :-)

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