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How to Install Your Front Bumper

How to Install Your Front Bumper

Installing your new bumper might seem like an intimidating task. Follow the step-by-step process below, and you will have your new bumper installed in no time! 

Helpful Tools You Might Need

  • Small flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • A socket
  • WD-40

Remove Your Front Bumper

  1. Turn off the headlight switch and disconnect the car’s negative battery cable.
  2. Remove the screws on the top of your bumper. These screws can be found on the front center top row of your bumper, above your grill, or you can find them by opening your hood. If any screws are difficult to remove, apply some WD-40 to them, and then try again.
  3. Remove the screws on the bottom of your bumper. You can usually find these screws underneath your front bumper on the very edge. There may be a plastic shield, remove this shield and then continue to remove the bumper screws. Remove all screws that connect the bumper to the vehicle. Note: some cars do not have a plastic shield.
  4. Remove the fasteners and screws on the front of the fender that are connecting the bumper to the fender.
  5. If your bumper is still attached to your vehicle because of fasteners/clips, you will need to cut these off or remove them with a clip remover tool. The bumper can then be released by just pulling the bumper off the vehicle.
  6. Remove all accessories from your vehicle. This includes turn signals, headlamps, fog lights, covers, grilles, sensors, wiring, and electrical connectors.

Important Notes

Save all screws and bolts from the removal of your bumper for the installation of your new bumper.

Installing your Front Bumper

  1. Attach all accessories to your new bumper including turn signals, headlamps, fog lights, covers, grilles, and sensors.
  2. Reattach all screws from your bumper to your vehicle, starting with the bottom of your bumper. Then, begin attaching the top of your bumper to your vehicle by reattaching all screws.
  3. Reattach the front fender screws and fasteners to your bumper.
  4. Reattach any wiring to the turn signals and fog lights.
  5. Reattach all fasteners and clips from the bumper onto your vehicle.
  6. Check bumper cover alignment, and then tighten all the bolts and screws and fasteners. Reconnect the battery cables. 

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