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How to Install Your Tailgate

How to Install Your Tailgate

Installing your new tailgate yourself is a cost effective way to fix your vehicle! Even the most basic skilled person can do this themselves. See the instructions below to get started. 

Helpful Tools You Might Need

  • Small flat-head screwdriver
  • Phillips screwdriver
  • A socket
  • WD-40

Remove Your Tailgate

  1. Open your tailgate and disconnect electrical components.
  2. Remove the tailgate cables and support straps.
  3. Locate both hinges on either side of your vehicle. They should be at the bottom of the tailgate on either lower corner of your vehicle.
  4. Once you pull off both side hinges, remove the tailgate.
  5. If you are reusing the tailgate accessories, remove those now. To remove your tailgate handle, find the three bolts inside your tailgate that are keeping the handle attached. Unscrew those bolts. If any screws are difficult to remove, apply some WD-40 to them, and then try again.
  6. Remove the plastic clips that are keeping the handle attached to the tailgate. If you are reusing the emblems from your old tailgate for your new tailgate, remove those now as well.

Important Notes

Save all screws, hinges, cables, support straps, handle, and emblems from the removal of your tailgate for your new tailgate.

Install Your Tailgate

  1. To install your tailgate, you will have to do a reversal of the removal process. Attach both hinges on either side of your vehicle.
  2. Reattach all tailgate cables and support straps.
  3. Attach your tailgate handle to your new tailgate by screwing in the three bolts and attaching the plastic clips as well. Attach your emblems to your new tailgate.
  4. Confirm everything you detached from your old tailgate is reattached on your new tailgate to your vehicle.
  5. Close your tailgate and inspect it to verify the tailgate alignment. Reconnect any electrical components you disconnected.
  6. Test opening and closing your tailgate. Confirm everything is attached and aligned.

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