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Clear Coat 101

Clear Coat 101

What is clear coat? Does Partify use clear coat? What is the purpose of clear coat? These are questions the Partify Team gets asked quite often. The answer is yes! Partify applies two layers of clear coat to every painted auto part. Not only do we use a clear coat to achieve that gorgeous, glossy, shiny finish, but there are also multiple other advantages with using a clear coat. Let’s talk about it.   

What is Clear Coat?  

After the primer and paint get applied to the part, the clear coat is the final step. The clear coat is colorless and adds a glossy finish to the painted part. Thus, without applying the clear coat, the painted part would have a dull, matte finish.  

Benefits of Clear Coat  

Besides the glossy appearance, the clear coat is crucial to prevent damage from happening to the paint on the part. A clear coat protects the paint from UV rays, environmental factors, and other harmful contaminants. Whether it be rain, dust, snow, chemicals, or salt, a layer of clear coat prevents damage to your freshly painted part.  

Does Partify use Clear Coat?  

Partify provides high-quality, painted-to-match OEM replacement parts that customers can easily install on their vehicles. Thus, a clear coat is a crucial step in our painting process. To add a beautiful glossy finish and to protect the fresh paint, Partify applies two layers of clear coat to every painted auto part. 

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