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How to Tell if Your Vehicle Has Single Exhaust or Dual Exhaust

How to Tell if Your Vehicle Has Single Exhaust or Dual Exhaust

Once the combustion process occurs in the engine of a vehicle, gas is produced. How does this gas escape the vehicle, you may ask? The answer to that question is the exhaust systems. Read the article below to find out if you have single exhaust or dual exhaust.

What Is the Difference Between Single Exhaust and Dual Exhaust?

It’s quite straight forward: with single exhaust, your vehicle has one main pipeline where your exhaust exits, with dual exhaust, your vehicle has two pipelines where your exhaust exits. Most vehicles have single exhaust. Some vehicles with larger engines typically have dual exhaust systems.

Which Exhaust is Better?

Both single and dual exhaust systems achieve the same result, which is the combust engine gas being released from the car.

The single exhaust system is perfect for vehicles with a smaller engine, as the exhaust gas can be released without issue through the single pipeline. Vehicles with a single exhaust also have the option to upgrade the exhaust to a larger pipeline. This would release more engine gas from your vehicle quicker, which would increase your horsepower.

The dual exhaust system is used for larger engines. The flow of engine gas being released from your vehicle is increased because there are two pipelines instead of one. Additionally, dual exhaust systems help to decrease the back pressure that is sometimes found among single exhaust systems.

How to See if My Vehicle Has Single or Dual Exhaust?

The back of your vehicle will show either a single pipeline, which would be single exhaust, or two pipelines, which would be dual exhaust. Simply go look at your vehicle at the bottom rear portion to see if there is one or two pipes. That is how you can figure out if you have single or dual exhaust!

Where Can I Purchase a New Rear Bumper That Is Compatible with My Single Exhaust or Dual Exhaust?

Partify has rear bumper options that are compatible with either your single or dual exhaust vehicle. The rear bumpers on Partify’s website will say in the product title either “With Dual Exhaust” or “Single Exhaust”. These bumpers are guaranteed to fit your vehicle just as well as an OEM bumper would fit!

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