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How to Tell If Your Tailgate has a Step

How to Tell If Your Tailgate has a Step

The step on a tailgate is very helpful for many reasons. The problem is, not all tailgates have a step on them. Find out below if your truck has a tailgate step or not!

What is a Tailgate Step?

A tailgate step is a step that is installed on the back of your tailgate. It assists you in climbing onto your truck bed. Typically, you can lower your tailgate step by pressing the button on the center of the step molding. This will release your tailgate, which you can then pull down lower to the ground. You will want to fully extend the tailgate step. Once you do this, be sure to lock the tailgate step in place. Some tailgate steps even release a bar going upward which you can grab onto while you climb up your tailgate step!

Why are Tailgate Steps Useful?

Tailgate steps are very useful for many reasons. The main reason being that it assists you when you need to grab any item from your truck bed. Instead of having to climb up to your tailgate, you can use your tailgate step to help you get up to your truck bed with ease.

Tailgate steps also introduce a level of safety to your truck that tailgates without steps do not offer. The tailgate step offers you that extra step when climbing up and down from your tailgate. That way, you do not have to jump down from your tailgate risking any injuries. You also do not have to climb your way up the tailgate, again, risking any possible injuries, falling back while climbing up, and so on.

Where Can You Find a Tailgate that is Compatible with the Tailgate Step?

Partify offers tailgate replacements that are guaranteed OEM quality, fitment, and durability. Partify has tailgates that are compatible with the tailgate step feature. When on Partify’s website, you will see the tailgates will say either “With Step Hole” or “Without Step Hole”. The tailgates that say “With Step Hole” are compatible with the tailgate step! If you need any further assistance with ordering your new tailgate, feel free to reach out to us at 1-888-719-8297!

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